Speech of Director

Ahmed Abed Shumary

     Greetings of Peace!

     It is very much disquieting to know how our planet is acting today and where it is leading in the future. Issues in sustainable development, infrastructure, energy sources and other relevant matters must be given attention and should not be ignored by the nations. To address these concerns, taking risk is an essential factor. We cannot achieve what we are aiming for if we are afraid to innovate or develop something new. Everyone must respond to the call, we must take part to save humanity.

    Today, urbanization and infrastructure truly have great effect on our way of living. Buildings, as desired, must be energy efficient and environment friendly. It’s not enough now to apply the thinking we did when we just construct without any consideration; now, problem solving comes simultaneous as we create. It is indeed different for we have to exert a much greater effort to obtain the answers we look forward to. We must be pushed to acquire and develop designs that will fit the rising requirement for energy without compromising our natural habitat basically. Our designs should be parallel to our struggle in conquering climate change where emission of greenhouse gases in particular must be minimized or much better be omitted.

     Energy usage is expected to increase tremendously on the next years of earth’s existence. This is due to the anticipated growth in human population together with development in industries and technologies. As this happen, the emission of carbon dioxide on our atmosphere increases simultaneously. With this, global warming continues to intensify that leads to unwanted circumstances in our environment. Everyone must be awaken, not only the professionals who are already making a leap on research and development to create new technologies, but our lawmakers as well together with the cooperation of every single person. Our aims must be well directed through our laws regulating the use of carbon dioxide-producing energy resource like fossil fuels and direct implementation and nurturing of renewable energy sources.

     Above all, cooperation amongst our individual selves and proper information will be the key in achieving our goal. Since the forces of nature are irrevocable, all we can do is just prepare and adapt to the anticipated domino effect in our society. Everything is within our hands, it’s never late, and it’s up for the people to choose.